My work includes sculpture, multimedia installation, and live art. I use these different forms to explore the concept of liminality and threshold, the synergy of the senses, and to invite the audience into the space between certainty and doubt.

I have an affinity with wire, which I weld or weave into routes and voids, implying both connection and disconnection. Steel is usually associated with heavy industry, but becomes weightless, organic and ethereal. The addition of light and sound creates immersive environments of bodies within bodies, disembodied, transient beings.

The engagement of my own body, both as medium and tool, is crucial as I draw out my ideas – both three-dimensionally with the wire, and in negotiating boundaries with other human bodies through collaborative voice and movement work. By focusing on my body, I contemplate the way the viewer connects with their own body – the immediate sensation, empathy, reflection and action.

Art CV

Art Education

2016 MA Fine Art by Registered Project, Nottingham Trent University

2012 Fn Dip Art and Design, Chesterfield College

2005 PG Dip Art Psychotherapy

2002 Cyprus College of Art Summer School under Stass Paraskos

2001 Cyprus College of Art Summer School under Stass Paraskos




Regardez la fenêtre, Access Space Labs, Sheffield


Liminal Bodies, Gallery 35, Sheffield


To Have and To Hold, Private Venue, Sheffield


Past Lifes, St Mary’s Church, Sheffield



Encountering Space, Exchange Place, Sheffield


Folie a Deux, Sheffield Showcase, Sheffield


Wood and Steel, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham


Raw to Polished, Botanical Gardens, Sheffield



Female Funambulists, Haarlem Mill, WIrksworth

Inspirations and Deviations, Gallery 35, Sheffield

Figure, Cupola Contemporary Art, Sheffield

The Hannah Bennett Sculpture Garden, Eyam, Derbyshire

A Sheffielder's relationship with a city's buildings..., Gallery 35, Sheffield

[kwir] identities, The Chapel Galleries, Blackburn


Deconstructed Nativity, Gallery 35, Sheffield

Warriors, Exchange Place, Sheffield

Alternative Portraits, Access Space, Sheffield

Fate and Flow, Gerry's Bakery, Sheffield

Platforms Project, The Arts Center, Athens

Transitions, Exchange Place, Sheffield

The Hannah Bennett Sculpture Garden, Eyam, Derbyshire

TALKEX17, St Ann’s Building, Rotherham

Walkley Edge, Gallery 35, Sheffield

The Senses, Knot Art Gallery 35, Sheffield

The Court of Love, Exchange Place, Sheffield


The Presence of Colour, Exchange Place, Sheffield

The Beast Within, Exchange Place, Sheffield

Unity, Exchange Place, Sheffield

Mastered, Bonington Gallery, Nottingham

The Hannah Bennett Sculpture Garden, Eyam, Derbyshire

Walkley Edge, Blue Moon café, Sheffield

Pop Up, Gallery 35, Sheffield


Knot Art pop up, Showroom Gallery, Sheffield

A Sense of Place, The Art House, Sheffield

20 x 20, Access Space, Sheffield

(Untitled) Pop up, Ruskin Museum, Sheffield

Work in Progress, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield

Open Up Sheffield, The Lodge House, Sheffield

(Open), CADS, Sheffield

Prints and Plates, Cupola Contemporary Arts, Sheffield

Chionodoxa, Cupola Contemporary Arts, Sheffield


Connections, Cupola Contemporary Arts, Sheffield

Cut, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield

Walkley Edge, Blue Moon Café, Sheffield

Process, Cupola Contemporary Arts, Sheffield


Out of Context, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield


Off The Wall, The Workstation, Sheffield

Chesterfield Art Festival, Chesterfield College, Chesterfield

Land Life Love, The Circle Gallery, Sheffield


Look At Me, Shop Fronts, Sheffield


Look At Me, The Workstation, Sheffield


Walkley Edge, Winter Gardens, Sheffield


Walkley Edge, Winter Gardens, Sheffield


A Body of Language, The Clock Tower, Sheffield


Body Folly, Space 59, Sheffield


The Great Sheffield Art Show, The Octagon Centre, Sheffield


Raw to Polished, The Botanical Gardens, Sheffield


The Great Sheffield Art Show The Octagon Centre, Sheffield



Sculpture in The Wall of Lempa, Cyprus College of Art, Paphos, Cyprus


Works held in private collections in UK (Bristol, Derbyshire, Edinburgh,

Gloucestershire, London, Manchester, Sheffield) and Canada (Montreal).

Residencies, awards, projects and commissions

2018: 'The Gathering' residency III, Rotherham

2018: 'Regardez la fenêtre', residency Access Space Labs, Sheffield

2018: 'Female Funambulists', installation collaboration, Haarlem Mill, WIrksworth

2018: 'The Copse Project' interactive installation, Eyam, Derbyshire

2018: 'Interrupteur' residency, with Rachel Smith, Sheffield

2018: ‘Wire Inquiry in Slovakia’, R&D award from Making Ways, Sheffield Culture

Consortium, Sheffield City of Makers

2017-2018: ‘Syn-Aesthetic’, multimedia collaboration – movement, sound, sculpture, video (work in progress).

2017: ‘The Gathering’ residency II, Wakefield

2017: ‘The Gathering’ residency I, Rotherham

2017: ‘Birth’ commission for TAPS project, Rotherham Ethnic Minority Alliance,


2017: ‘Liminal Bodies’, solo show curation, sctulpture, light, sound, text installation

2016: ‘Metamorphic Wings’ commission for Lady of Situations installation and

performance, Vanitas Arts, Sheffield

2016: Week-long residential art workshop, Champernowne Trust, Buckinghamshire

2016: ‘Songlines of the Body: Potential Space’, sculpture, light and sound installation

2016: ‘A Wake’, dance collaboration

2016: ‘A Drift’, sculptural installation

2016: ‘A Void’, sculptural installation

2015: Space CADets residency, Creative Arts Development Spaces, Sheffield


I have been making art since the early 1990s, and exhibiting from 2002 when I had a stone sculpture erected in the Wall of Lemba, Cyprus College of Art. Alongside my art practice, I have worked as a clinical psychologist in physical health, and as an art psychotherapist training group facilitator. My work with the mind and body, focus on process, and intuitive use of body and energy, feed both the subject and methods of my art. I completed an MA in Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University in 2016, researching how physical and emotional resonance is embodied within art. I currently have a studio at Exchange Place with Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield.

Some of my work is for sale, and commissions are always welcome. Please Turn on Javascript!.


A VOID, 2016

Large sculptural installation produced during a six-week art residency, Space CADets, CADS, Smithfield, Sheffield, 2016

A DRIFT, 2016

Large sculptural installation produced during a six-week group exhibition, Work in Progress, Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, 2016

A WAKE, 2017

Dance/video collaboration with dancers Gill Crow and Alison Davies-Kurley, 2016-2017

POTENTIAL SPACE (Songlines of the Body I), and FACE (Songlines of the Body II), 2016

Large installation of sculpture, light and sound produced for MA in Fine Art, 2014-2016


Curation of solo exhibition of wire and metal sculpture and installation, light, sound, text and video, including works produced between 2002 and 2017

SYN-AESTHETIC, 2017/2018 (work in progress)

Multimedia collaboration with artists Shirley Harris and Gill Alderson, and dancer Gill Crow.

WIRE INQUIRY IN SLOVAKIA, 2018 (work in progress)

Research and Development Project investigating ways of working with wire.

THE COPSE PROJECT, 2018 (work in progress)

Interactive and evolving installation at The Hannah Bennett Sculpture Garden, Eyam


Cross-media installation collaboration at Haarlem Mill, as part of Wirksworth Festival

REGARDEZ LA FENÊTRE, 2018 (pending)

Residency and installation at Access Space Labs, Sheffield

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