Wire Inquiry in Slovakia - Day 3 return to main news

A mahoosive blister on the sole of my foot from hours of walking on Day 1 and a calf strain from hours of limping on Day 2 dictated that I fairy-step in agony (and embarrassingly) to a place to plonk myself for the day – under a tree on the grass around Bratislava Castle with views over the city and river. This gave me the much needed opportunity to write some notes and consolidate some of my tinkering tips from yesterday.

Without much wire and appropriate tools, I could only work on some small decorative stuff, but thinking about how I might apply some of the techniques on a much much larger scale. This is the easy stuff but demands patience and a commitment to neatness if the aim is beautiful objects (not what I specialise in!). I attracted quite a bit of interest from castle tourists until they saw the quality of my work and realised I wasn’t a real Tinker! Here’s a very rough go with a simple design on a Danube pebble (normally applied to blown eggs).

My art gallery for the day was the Austrian Cultural Forum, showing photographs and film by Yuri Dojc, The Last Folio. A sobering and moving exhibition of photographs from an abandoned, and for centuries untouched, school, due to the Slovak-Jewish owners’ arrest and deportation to Auschwitz. My photo can’t do justice to the quality photos of books and other items so beautifully shot.