Wire Inquiry in Slovakia - Day 5 - Danubiana return to main news

I returned to ULUV, the centre for folk art production, to see if I could meet with anyone to try and expand on and consolidate from my trip to the Povazie museum. Unfortunately it was closed and it seems I may have to wait until after the week-end for follow-up. I’m also still waiting on a response from the University’s Department of Art and Design, so time with someone there is looking unlikely. I did in fact contact a lot of artists and institutions before coming away, with no response – I don’t know whether this is a language barrier or a general communication issue. I guess it’s one of the reasons I came out here to see if I could have more joy on the ground…

So instead I travelled to Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, about 20km south of Bratislava. Cruise trips to here are fantastic value, if you fancy a good chunk of your day on the Danube. I didn’t, so I caught the bus, which allowed me to see some of Bratislava on the other side of the river – nothing too special except for fields and fields of red poppies. Crap photo on bumpy moving bus, but you get the gist.

The Danubiana is Slovakia’s equivalent to The Hepworth Wakefield, sitting on an island in the Danube, virtually on the border with Hungary, and very close to Austria too. It boasts windows to combine the views with the art, houses a mixture of modern and contemporary paintings and sculpture, both local (Slovakia, Austria, Hungary) and international, and an outside sculpture garden. Here are some images.

No wire today except for some treasures found in the streets of Bratislava on my way back.