REGARDEZ LA FENÊTRE residency September 2018 return to main news

During three weeks in September (10th-27th), I'll be occupying a shop-front in Fitzalan Square, Sheffield, an opportunity provided by Access Space Labs. I'll use this time to create site-sensitive installation(s) as well as inviting artists and non-artists to work with me in visual and non-visual media. This will be under the potential gaze of passers-by and may include performative elements and invitations to the public to interact. I anticipate that I'll be considering how the window mediates between interiority and exteriority, exposure and concealment, but will allow the direction of my work to develop organically as I spend time in the space. I'm inviting others to participate in the project, so please email me on Turn on Javascript! if you'd like to get involved. Further details to follow.